Rainbow Six Siege: How to 1 vs 1 with Monty

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Rainbow Six Siege: How to 1 vs 1 with Monty

Mensaje por cuberwhite » Mié Mar 06, 2019 9:53 am

One of the most common scenarios you'll face is 1 vs 1. If you really want to engage the defender and not just distract. If you know there's no backup and the defender doesn't have any either. If you two are the last one's alive for example, then you'll need to win the 1 vs 1. Here's how.

Melee kills

The safest method is going to be to melee them. This is how:

Keep your shield extended.
Walk towards them.
Try to trap them in a corner or cul de sac with no where else to run.
Once you're close enough that they would struggle to aim at your feet or head, unextend your shield and immediately melee.

It's one swift and fast action if done properly and gives them little chance to counter it.

Pistol / Magnum ADS kill

Once the defender has emptied their mag, you may have a chance to get a kill with your gun. Here's how:

Wait until they empty their mag on you and need to reload.
Try to herd them into a place where they would have no where to go to reload.
Keep moving back and forward and extend/unextend your shield so they don't quite know what you're going to do. It'll throw them off when you finally do shoot. Be sure to move back as you unextend to avoid getting melee'd.
When you see them go to reload, thats your chance. Keep in mind you only get one chance at this.

Keep them out of the Objective

On secure the area, a fun way to win is to simply prevent the defender from getting in. Especially good vs a 3 speed. Herd them out of the room and don't allow them back in.

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