is one end of the shield grounded?

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is one end of the shield grounded?

Mensaje por spadekevin » Lun Jul 23, 2018 3:53 pm


when down loading remember only connect to the panel with wirings under the B terminals only of the RS485 (end or start of the rs485 line).
did the 3-AnnCPU fail or the RS485 card? a CPU failing twice is not normal something is up. I can not remember the last time a 3CPU fail, QuickStarts all the time, but not a 3cpu
have you tried to slow the baud rate down of the network to 19.2
600 mtrs is a long ways but not that long for RS485.
when measuring the wire length it is between three panels not two.
Is the wire shielded? if so, is one end of the shield grounded?
did tech support give you a clue about what might cause network overflow?

Please help.

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